June 5-9, Afternoon Five-Day Camp


June 5-9, Afternoon Five-Day Camp

from 235.00

Five-Day Music Camp for ages 7-12
June 5-9, Mon-Fri, 1-4pm
Price: $235
Instructors: Floramay Holliday, David Karsten Daniels & Kayli House

Sound checks, tangled wires, amps, drums and guitars take over for a week at Oil and Cotton. In this intensive rock camp, just like any band, we will sing, play our hearts out, come together, drift apart, find resolution, and kick out the jams! By Friday, a group of strangers will have formed bands, written a song, made merch, and be ready to blow your minds with their rock show. This camp is a great tradition at Oil and Cotton, and we are thrilled to carry on my wayward sons. Check out past bands on the Oil and Cotton soundcloud page. 

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