Kids Weekly Art (ages 6-12)


Kids Weekly Art (ages 6-12)


Try your hands at art while you learn about history, geography, and culture. Our weekly art program for mixed ages is targeted for homeschool families looking to supplement curriculum with a strong studio art class. Each year is a survey of art history, from pre-Renaissance to early Twentieth Century. Each month, we explore a new topic, art medium, and historical concept, technique, and style. Multi-week projects are geared to suit a mixed-age classroom, allowing younger students to modify to suit their interests and abilities and older students to extend the core assignment to challenge themselves and grow as artists. We spend four weeks on a project to enable us to explore processes, as well as complete and critique a finished artwork.
Parents are welcome to stay or visit our neighboring coffee shop during the class hour.

Hands-On Art History 2017-2018
September: Leonardo da Vinci's Horse Clay Sculpture
October: Rembrandt-inspired Self Portrait Acrylic on Canvas
November: Van Gogh's Bedroom Mixed Media
December: Pointillist Landscape Ink on Paper
January: Matisse's Goldfish Watercolor Painting
February: Picasso and The Musicians Collage
March: Pastel Drawing our Dreams with Surrealism
April: Kinetic Metal Sculpture with Calder
May: Dr. Seuss, Printmaking and Cartooning

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