July 5-7 Toddler Three-Day Camp


July 5-7 Toddler Three-Day Camp

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Sensory Sculpture
Three-Day Art Camp for Age 2-3
July 5-7, W-R-F, 9:30-10:15am
Instructor: Emily Riggert
Price: $50
No registration fee. Price includes all supplies.

Get going in the art studio with a short and sweet camp. We will use our hands to sculpt and create an imaginative world in a sensory box. We will read stories and look at the works of great artists to get inspired, then go for it!

Camps are a great introduction to our popular Toddler & Kinder weekly art programs. Let  your little one try us out, or bring your Oil and Cotton regular in for more art fun. We make the messes, they get the fun and enrichment, you get the keepsake artworks! Parents and caretakers stay with age 2-3. This camp meets three times. Bring your coffee mug and enjoy relaxing with other parents while your kid creates.

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