June 4 - 7 Morning (age 8-12)

Songwriting Band.jpg
Songwriting Band.jpg

June 4 - 7 Morning (age 8-12)


Date/Time: Mon-Thurs, Jun 4-7, 9am-12pm* (Four-Day)
Age: 8-13
Location: Art Studio
Price: $250

*If you need all week camp, there is a Friday one day art camp

Sound checks, tangled wires, amps, drums and guitars take over for a week at Oil and Cotton. In this intensive four-day music camp, kids compose an original song together, learn to play instruments, record a track, play a show, and design their own merch.

Our bandleaders include multi-musician David Karsten Daniels and singer-songwriter Floramay Holliday, as well as Oil and Cotton co-founder Kayli House. This is our seventh year of songwriting camp! Check out past bands on the Oil and Cotton soundcloud page.

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