Kid Weekly Art (ages 6-12)

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Kid Weekly Art (ages 6-12)


Summer Semester: June 11-August 22 (10 weeks)*
Choose from the following time slots: 
Monday 4:30-5:30pm
Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm
*No classes during week of July 4th
Semester rate: $23/class x no. weeks left in session Try It/Drop in students subject to availability that week: $26/class START ANYTIME, classes prorated

Try your hands at art while you learn about history, geography, and culture. Each year is a survey of a segment of art history, and this year we will look at European art history from pre-Renaissance to early Twentieth Century. In subsequent years, we will cover other cultures and movements from around the world. Each month, we explore a new topic, art medium, and historical concept, technique, and style. Multi-week projects are geared to suit a mixed-age classroom, allowing younger students to modify to suit their interests and abilities and older students to extend the core assignment to challenge themselves and grow as artists. We spend several weeks on a project to enable us to explore processes, as well as complete and critique a finished artwork.

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