May 13 Intro to Watercolor: Floral Stationery

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may13introto watercolorflowers3.jpg
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May 13 Intro to Watercolor: Floral Stationery


Sunday, May 13 2-3:30pm
Location: 817 W. Davis #110 Street
Instructors: Oil and Cotton
# of Students: 4 - 12

Oil and Cotton will guide participants through painting mom's favorite flowers!  We will lead you through several watercolors techniques, such as wet on wet, wet on dry, blotting, resist and more. We will apply our new found skills to paint a triptych of watercolor postcards. All materials are provided! For those of you that have parents nearby, this a perfect workshop to share with mom. Parents can also enroll with their big kids who can hang adult-style. Place your cards in the post for mothers in distant places.

We recommend you read our cancellation policy before registering:


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