Summer Weekly Art (age 4-6)


Summer Weekly Art (age 4-6)

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Our award-winning Hands-On Art History art classes for kids run year-round.

Summer Weekly Art is twelve weeks, June 3-August 16.

Semester rate: $23/class x no. weeks left in session (summer, spring, fall)
Try It/Drop in students subject to availability that week: $26/class
START ANYTIME, classes prorated
Instructors: Emily Riggert & Shannon Driscoll

Designed especially for the young artist. Explore a variety of art-making materials and concepts, while learning about artists from history. This small class fosters creative expression, motor skill development, classroom etiquette, and art tool safety.

Students are exposed to specific vocabulary and broad concepts. Take home practice sheets provide information for parents, who are encouraged to continue and reinforce the learning with art-making at home, using art terms to get specific about their creative works, and by visiting our local museums together as a family.

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