Jesse Bartlett

Jesse Bartlett’s passion? Teaching, sewing, and anything and everything made out of fabric. She's constantly drawn to the colors, textures and endless possibilities of one simple textile. And she loves to bring confidence to kids by teaching them how fun and easy sewing can be.

As the owner of Sew Jesse, she’s an Oak Cliff designer and seamstress with an education background. She loves teaching others to sew and has been machine sewing for 20 years and counting. In her sewing classes, she loves to have fun – and she thinks that is the most important aspect in teaching children. There is nothing better for her than having a kid tell her that sewing class is the highlight of their week.

She also loves all things vintage and adores scouring the Dallas fabric stores, thrift shops and outdoor markets – namely so she can find something to repurpose and transform. She has a knack of turning old fabric into children’s clothing, something that is as unique as the sweet child wearing it.

In her workshops and weekly classes, your child will find a creative, open environment for learning and confidence building. If your child is longing to find their creative niche – let her help you find out if you have a sewer on your hands!