Mindi Friese

Mindi Friese grew up in a small Oklahoma town where as a kid her mom or dad would drive her two hours every week just for piano lessons. When it was time to leave the nest, she followed a music scholarship to the University of Oklahoma where she received her Bachelor of Musical Arts in Piano along with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. While at OU, Mindi taught private piano lessons at Charlie Rayl Music. She ended up pursuing her finance degree and worked in the corporate tax field for years but continued playing. She currently works as an independent tax consultant and explores and satisfies her musical interest through teaching at Oil and Cotton.  

Mindi fully believes in Oil and Cotton’s approach to teaching music by marrying the arts – helping students understand the interconnectivity between music and art. She also believes that successful learning happens with two things: engaging as many senses as possible and keeping things simple – taking a big difficult task and splitting it up into smaller and easier wins.  

Mindi resides in Oak Cliff with her husband Shane and enjoys running, swimming, cooking and taking long evening walks.  She cannot live without coffee and dark chocolate.