Sarita Westrup is a fiber artist living and working in Denton,TX. She began as an intern at Oil and Cotton in 2012 and from then has become one of the leading natural dye instructors in Dallas. She also leads Oil and Cotton family programming at the Latino Cultural Center.

Originally from the border of Texas and Mexico, Sarita utilizes natural materials that are native to her South Texas heritage, environment, and diet such as cochineal, black beans, avocado pits, and hibiscus flowers for color inspiration. She has taken natural dye workshops with leading natural dyers such as Sasha Duerr, Catharine Ellis, Joy Boutrup, and Folk Fibers.

In collaboration with the fibers collective, Prismatic Earth, Sarita Westrup has taken all she has learned from herself and others and leads natural dye workshops/activities around the Texas region striving to inspire peoples’ creative processes. Currently, Sarita is working on her MFA in Fibers at the University of North Texas.